The Tomorrow People – HQ Stills from Episode 1.18 Smoke and Mirrors

The CW has released 9 images from The Tomorrow People episode, Smoke and Mirrors  (EP118). Check them out in the gallery or click on the images below. The episode airs Monday, March 31 Beware of spoilers!


QUESTIONING ALLIANCES — Fed up with Jedikiah’s (Mark Pellegrino) constant lies about his father, Stephen (Robbie Amell) makes a choice about his alliances.  Trusting in Ultra and Hillary (guest star Alexa Vega), Stephen wants to bring in a break-out to Ultra to see if things have really changed, much to Cara’s (Peyton List) dismay.  Meanwhile, Stephen’s brother (guest star Jacob Kogan) goes missing after Jedikiah forces Stephen to protect him.  Luke Mitchell and Aaron Yoo also star.

Mark Pellegrino Chats About his character in “The Tomorrow People” and his career

Mark Pellegrino talks about his latest role as Dr. Price on “The Tomorrow People,” a show that revolves around an enhanced species that could potentially eliminate the human race. Thanks to Ryann Rasmussen at for sharing with us! Check some of it out below and the rest at the source Can you talk to me about your character Dr. Price? Pellegrino: You have… Read more →