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The Tomorrow People Cast Interviews Roundup

Hello everyone! How have you been? Sorry for the absence I’ve been very busy these last few days, but I haven’t forgot about you all. To begin with the updates, I have bunch of interviews so I decided to round them up into one post. If you’ve found any interview we’ve missed, please go ahead and share them in the comments.… Read more →

Luke Mitchell & Phil Klemmer on John confronting his ‘The Tomorrow People’ past

etonline caught up with Luke Mitchell to discuss  John’s backstory, shirtless scenes, and more. Peyton List told me that last week’s Cara-centric flashback episode was the first time she learned those things about her character’s past. Given how amazing her backstory was, did that make you even more excited to find out what John’s past was? Absolutely. As soon as I found out episode… Read more →